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About Us

Our business started all because of our love of dogs. We started making a bespoke crate cover for our puppy which led us to making them for friends and family then started a business selling them online. It made us realise that dog lovers wanted something different from the usual for their dogs.  This led to In Vogue Pets being formed to become distributors & manufacturers of luxury pet products.

Our mission is to search the world for products that ooze quality, design and style that are not available in the UK. We regularly attend exhibitions round the world; from Global Pet Expo in Orlando U.S.A. to Interzoo in Germany and Zoomark in Italy where we find amazing new products to distribute in the UK.

Some of the countries we import from include the USA, Australia, Italy & Canada 

We also make our own range of beautifully designed luxury beds and blankets in the UK which offers customers "Made in the UK" products.

From our extensive selection you can give your customers a wide offering of exciting pet accessories that will increase your sales.

 Our minimum order is £150 plus VAT with a small shipping charge. Or £250 with free shipping

Please contact us for any information you need.