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Green Dandy Organic Pick & Sleep Dog Carrier
Product Description

Pure style for you – and total comfort for your puppy or small dog. Whether you are walking, travelling, in your office or at home…….or just introducing your puppy to the world – your dog will love its home on the go!
Green Dandy Organic carrier is made with revolutionary dry-waxed 100% cotton which is extremely hard wearing. Each and every carry bag is professionally handcrafted by experienced artisans - making it the perfect carrier for your furry companion.
The orthopaedic carrier-cushion has three cores - a firm base, a foam core middle layer and super soft top layer, giving your pup pure and utter comfort. This waxed cotton canvas does not need any maintenance, and can be machine washed on a cool setting.
The strong double-sewn straps are precisely the right length for shoulder carrying comfort.
This pick and sleep dog carrier has fold over sides, creating an instant cosy bed that may often replace your dog’s actual bed!
This bag features a carabiner to secure the collar or harness. With a pocket on the side of the carrier to keep some treats, personal belongings -and poop-bags.
Available in three sizes, this smart and stylish carrier is designed make your dog feel content without feeling cooped up.
This entire carrier, pouch and straps are handmade in the UK
You will be impressed with its finish, durability….. and doggy comfort!!
Care: Machine wash cool, do not tumble or dry clean.
Small – 34cm x 22cm x 33cm
Perfect for Dogs or Puppies that weigh less than 4.5kg
Example Breeds: Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese

Medium - 40cm x 25cm x 34cm
Perfect for Dogs or Puppies that weigh 4.5kg – 9kg
Example Breeds: Bichon, Pug, Jack Russell, Mini Dachshund, Pomeranian, Shi Tzu

Large – 45cm x 28cm x 36cm
Perfect for Dogs or Puppies that weigh 9kg +
Example Breeds: French Bulldog, Border Terrier, King Charles Spaniel

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